There are no bad children, as there is no such thing as bad parents, but, unfortunately, happens bad parenting.

What destroys the children, and what develop them? How not to miss them? What is important to pay attention?  What is normal and what is not?

Our program will provide answers to these and many other questions

Please pray for organizing and hosting this meeting, for the spiritual fruits of this.

Recall that for children 7 days of departure are an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in a spiritual and joyful atmosphere, find new friends, to unite with each other, get current spiritual teachings and to participate in sports/fun activities.

We are glad to inform you that our Conference will be held under the title "The impossible is possible!" Last time, we have relied too much on ourselves. It's time to remember the power of God and see his miracles in our lives. Through a joint Fellowship and Bible study we want to approve each other into greatness and power of our God, because there is nothing impossible for him!

Dear brothers and sisters! It has happened! Dating site starts its work. What is this site? This site allows an unmarried brothers and sisters of the international churches of Christ to get  acquainted with each other, to get to know each other better, build and maintain relationships, as well as find its spiritual soul mate for the future establishment of a family!