A Magnificent Legacy to Your Wonderful Life

Sample Topics & Story Ideas


You may already have ideas for topics. That’s great... and though that may be true, our special talent is in uncovering your most unique and precious stories. The magic behind our service is the relationship we build with our clients and the unique questions that we ask.

Your book will be as unique as your life. It will include your words, thoughts and stories. But, it can also include photos and images, like archival photos, official documents, records, achievements, creative work - even that favorite drawing your grandkid gave you last birthday!


Although your own stories are unique to you, there are general themes that are common to most people. Here is a short list of the most common life experiences that we will investigate about you.

  • This list is provided here to give you an idea of the range of topics that we will investigate. It is by no means the entire list of topics. We will cover some of these or all of these depending on your priorities and the length of your book.

  • Most of these topics span multiple stags in your life… and also, most of our questions span the multiple stages in your life.


Family & Friends


  - Parents, Siblings & You

  - Ancestors & Family History

  - Hometown, Neighborhood

  - Rituals & Holidays

  - Travel & Family Vacations

  - Friends & Pets

Growing Up / Childhood


  - Memorable & Special Events

  - Friends & Influences

  - Education & Imagination

  - Holidays & Traditions

  - Sports, Games & Activities

  - Hobbies & Interests

Early Adulthood


  - Dreams & Aspirations

  - Schools & Colleges

  - Military & Gang Life

  - 1st Apt & Roommates

  - Jobs (first, loved, hated)

  - Goals & Mistakes


  - Values and Beliefs

  - Love & Relationships

  - Clubs, Lodges, Groups

  - Festivals & Concerts

  - Parenting & Children

  - Happiness & Health



  - Strengths & Weaknesses

  - Obstacles & Challenges

  - Friendship

  - Spirituality & Religion

  - Goals & Mistakes

  - Regrets & Roads not Taken


  - Advice & Lessons-learned

  - Silver-lining Stories

  - Achievements

  - Admiration & Gratitude

  - Society and Culture

  - Concerns, Predictions, Hopes


We will help you uncover and define your stories, topics and themes. We get to know you by asking probing questions that uncover your most meaningful stories… questions that uncover the thoughts and experiences that reflect your life and honors your legacy. We have a long list of questions that we have developed over several years. But these are here just to get your thought-process going.

  • Some of these questions appear on each of these pages. We’ll ask more questions too… just until we’re far enough down the rabbit-hole.

  • A list of questions may be sent to you if you fill-out our contact form.

  • As you read these questions, consider how you would answer them for the different stages in your life as mentioned above.

These questions will be sent to you when the process starts. We would like you to think about these questions before we begin the interview process. Even after the process of writing your book is finished, you will find yourself asking yourself these same questions and perhaps continuing the conversation with others who are part of our life.


Our service provides a great opportunity to tie-up loose ends while you are still kicking. Here are some examples...

Things that you want to Tell People

Are there things that you want to tell people while you are still alive? How about things that you want to tell people after your dead? (Yes, we can help you with this too. Ask us how).

Things that you want to Give Away

Are there things that you want to give to people after your gone? Wills can be complicated and expensive. Here is an easy way to list specific things that you want to give to family and friends after you’ve bit the dust.

Things that have Special Meaning

Are there things that have special significance to you? To anyone else, these items might look like stuff that was kept by someone with a serious hording problem. Without the story behind these items, they would simply be thrown-away when time comes to clean-out your possessions.

  • Are there things that you own that have special meaning to you?
  • Are there things that you own that have special value which others don’t know about?



  • We are happy to share with you an actual client book.
  • To request a copy, call us or send us an email.

  • We will send you an email with a PDF file of a sample book.



  • What can you not do – even if your life depended on it?
  • What is your most valuable personal possession?
  • What is your biggest regret?
  • What is your ‘super-power’? What one thing are you exceptionally good at?
  • Do you believe in a heaven? What do you think the after-life is like?